Banco do Grão

Banco do Grão is a Privately-Owned Company, focused on the Implementation of Agricultural Projects and Technical Assistance, where our work includes:

Choice of the area to be cultivated: soil analysis, topography, water availability;
Land clearing;
Soil preparation;
Soil correction;
Specification of machinery and equipment;
Technical assistance for planting, cultivation, harvesting and marketing;
Assistance in obtaining financing;
Technical assistance - cost management – authorization of payments;
Business plan.

With the aim of increasing the profitability of our Customers, Banco do Grão will provide our Customers with a Purchasing Center to supply all the inputs necessary for Agricultural Production so that they have at their disposal:

Price of the most economical products
Product availability
Products with assured quality
Spare parts

Project Structure

Property of Banco do Grão

Located in the Province of Kwanza Sul Municipality of Kibala Commune of Catofe.

With 3,500 hectares, including 500 irrigated hectares and 750 dry hectares, it includes workshops, warehouses to stock products and a living base to serve and accommodate more than 200 people.

On this property our focus is the production of corn and soybeans, however we have opened up other crops, namely potatoes, beans and several other crops.

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