Grain storage in silos is a practice widely used in the agricultural industry to preserve and protect grain crops in a controlled environment that guarantees the quality and safety of stored grains. The main objective of this system is to prevent grain deterioration caused by humidity, pests and sudden changes in temperature.

The use of silos in grain storage is essential to guarantee the availability of food throughout the year, allowing the safe storage of large quantities of grain until the appropriate time for marketing or processing.

Furthermore, the use of silos significantly improves grain quality by reducing losses due to factors such as humidity, insects and fungi. This results in grains with better commercial value and greater durability, guaranteeing high quality final products.

Silos also facilitate stock control and distribution logistics, allowing more efficient access to stored grains and minimizing the risk of loss and damage during transport.

Banco do Grão will guarantee its partners the storage of their production in modern silos, contributing to the sustainability of the sector and the stable supply of food to the population.

Storage System:

Capacity: 27,000 T
Quantity of Silos: 3 Units
Reception System: 100T/h
Cleaning System: 100T/h
Dryer: 80T/h
Scale: 120T – 30m

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